What is a Soil Scientist?

A soil scientist is someone who is licensed in the practice of soil evaluation. Licensed Soil Scientists have to pass professional exams and meet experience and continuing education requirements.

How much does a perc test cost?

The cost of a perc test varies based upon the total acreage being evaluated, the number of perc sites desired, site vegetation and landscape, site location, and the overall goals the client has for the site. A perc test for a 1-acre site will start at $700 and increases depending on the aforementioned variables.

How long is a perc test good for?

An Improvement Permit/Construction Authorization issued by a Local Health Department is valid for 5 years. An evaluation by a Licensed Soil Scientist does not expire; the results will generally stay the same so long as the area evaluated does not physically change.

What happens if you fail a perc test?

If your site fails a Soil & Site Evaluation with the Local Health Department, and your Improvement Permit application was denied, you can either appeal their decision or they will recommend you hire a Soil Scientist to evaluate the land for Alternative and Innovative system types.

What is a perc test?

A “Perc Test” or “Soil and Site Evaluation” is the process of evaluating the physical soil properties, landscape, and site features of a parcel of land to determine its suitability to site a septic system.