Three Oaks’ Traffic Operations team has a vast array of experience in Transportation Engineering. 

traffic intersection

Our staff have worked on a wide variety of project types including traffic analysis and simulation projects, safety reviews, access management studies and corridor reviews.

We feel it is our duty to ensure we are optimizing our roadways, especially in a time of limited funding and increased traffic congestion. Our staff have decades of experience improving existing facilities to meet growing demand while minimizing environmental impacts.

Our capabilities include:

  • Traffic Analysis for Intersections, Interchanges, Corridors, and Systems
  • Traffic Simulation
  • Intersection Improvement Studies
  • Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA)
  • Safety Audits, Fatality Investigations, and Crash Analyses
traffic engineers at white board

Traffic Analysis for Intersections, Interchanges, Corridors, & Systems

One of our strengths is our usage of traffic analysis and simulation packages (including TransModeler, Synchro, FREEVAL, Sidra, and Highway Capacity Software.) These tools allow us to demonstrate various measures of effectiveness to help planners, designers, and decision makers choose the best options based on their needs.

Our experience and knowledge allow us to handle a wide array of projects, ranging from simple intersection improvements to unconventional intersection and interchange concepts. We have experience developing corridor studies, feasibility studies, Interchange Access Reports (IARs), and access management studies.

We work closely with NCDOT and municipalities to help determine and evaluate the best solution to transportation challenges across North Carolina.

Traffic Simulation

Traffic simulation is a component of traffic analysis that helps evaluate traffic operations, especially for overly congested locations. It provides more robust information than measures of effectiveness alone.

The visual output of traffic simulation helps to explain operations to non-transportation professionals, stakeholders, and the public. Three Oaks has a proven track record in developing simulations for analysis and presentation purposes.

drawing of traffic roundabout

Intersection Improvement Studies

Our traffic engineering staff regularly works with our safety, walkability, and transit access experts to develop solutions for problem intersections. 

We have analyzed and recommended many innovative intersection treatments, including superstreets, reverse superstreets, roundabouts, and quadrant intersections.

Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) Development & Review

We are experienced in developing and reviewing traffic impact statements. We can help local planning departments by performing on-call traffic impact analyses, and reviewing plans and TIAs submitted by developers.

Our staff of Professional Traffic Operations Engineers (PTOEs) and Certified Planners (AICPs) can provide full-service traffic engineering and planning, or help supplement a town’s existing staff.

Safety Audits, Fatality Investigations, & Crash Analyses

Three Oaks can perform safety audits on both existing and planned intersections. This allows us to identify risks and develop safety improvements to help reduce crash frequency and severity.

In addition, we have experience in performing “fatal slip” analyses, fatality investigations, spot safety evaluations, and Highway Safety Improvement Program (HISP) analyses.