Three Oaks Engineering’s area of expertise is diverse; botany, freshwater mussels, freshwater fish, bats, reptiles and amphibians.


Three Oaks Engineering has conducted surveys for federal and state threatened and endangered species for federal, state, and municipal governments, as well as for clients in the private sector throughout the Eastern US. Our services include identification and mapping of protected species habitat, protected species presence/absence surveys, and complete biological inventories of vertebrates and some invertebrate groups.

Through our commitment to scientifically sound protocols and report writing, our personnel have gained the respect of the scientific community and regulatory agencies involved in the protection of rare wildlife.

Three Oaks Engineering has the state and federal permits authorizing the collection of all Threatened and Endangered mussel species throughout the Southeastern US.

person holding Neuse river waterdog
Neuse River Waterdog
barking tree frog
Barking tree frog
neuse river mussels
Neuse River mussels