double ring testing of media for stormwater retention
Double ring testing of bioretention media

Three Oaks Engineering Staff are Level II Erosion & Sediment Control Certified

Most ordinances require Stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs) be implemented with any development project.  The benefits from BMPs are maximized when they are designed based on specific soil characteristics at a particular project site.

Soil drainage, seasonal high water table, and hydraulic conductivity (K) are just a few essential soil characteristics needed to be accurately identified to properly plan, design and site BMPs.  Three Oaks Engineering Staff is experienced in evaluating soil and site characteristics for placement of stormwater BMPs.  

Having Licensed Soil Scientists perform the testing always results in a more accurate infiltration rate and one that is typically higher than the mid-range of the published rate. 

Three Oaks Staff Can Assist with Residential Rain Gardens

Every little bit helps!  In addition to large development projects, Three Oaks Engineering Staff can assist individual home owners and businesses in placing and designing rain gardens to help treat stormwater.  These gardens are a lovely aesthetic to any landscape.  We can all make a large scale impact by taking small incremental steps, such as rain gardens.

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stormwater soil infiltration testing
Soil infiltration testing