Our goal is to provide people with the opportunity to participate, learn, and provide meaningful input that helps inform the design and development of a project.

person putting out door hangers
Putting out door hangers

Three Oaks customizes our public engagement efforts for each project, working with our clients to identify and apply communication tools that best meet the needs of their community. Our experience in both project development and public outreach allows our staff to provide innovative and tailored community engagement solutions.

We help our clients develop:

  • Public involvement plans
  • Community outreach plans
  • Equitable engagement plans
  • Social media campaigns
  • Limited English Proficient (LEP) plans

Whether in person or online, Three Oaks provides planning, staffing, and logistics for public hearings, informational meetings, workshops, neighborhood meetings, drop-in sessions, pop-up meetings, webinars, and on-demand meetings. We develop high-quality, outreach materials, including:

  • Postcards, door-hangers, and newsletters
  • Social media and web content
  • Paper-based and online surveys
  • Interactive story maps and other web-based outreach tools

We also offer in-house Spanish translation services. Our bilingual transportation professionals help our clients engage with Spanish speakers in their communities. .

Assistance at an outreach event