Three Oaks Engineering can help make wetland and stream mitigation projects successful.

mitigation of stream

Three Oaks has assisted mitigation providers with restoration site selection and conceptual designs for wetland and stream mitigation projects as well as provided construction oversight. Our projects have been successful in restoring, creating, and enhancing wetlands and in securing final agency approval and project concurrence.

In addition, Three Oaks has an excellent reputation within the regulatory community and has successfully served respective clients such as the NC Department of Transportation and the NC Department of Mitigation Services (formerly the Ecosystem Enhancement Program) with their mitigation needs.

Three Oaks has experience with the following:

  • Wetland and Stream Mitigation Site Selection 
  • Obtained Municipal, State and Federal Permits and Land Use Approvals  
  • Negotiation of Mitigation Banking Agreements with State and Federal Regulators  
  • Design of Wetland and Stream Mitigation Bank Plans  
  • Implementation of Bank Sites  
  • Maintenance and Monitoring  
  • Invasive Species Identification and Control  
  • Public Education and Outreach  ​
  • Identify Natural Resources for Long-Term Preservation