There are many times that wetland delineations come down to identifying a hydric soil.

soils engineer evaluating wetland
Evaluating a wetland

This becomes even more important when evaluating a disturbed site, such as a wetland mitigation site. Three Oaks Engineering Licensed Soil Scientists have years of experience performing such delineations.

Understanding hydric soil formation is essential in determining if newly created or restored wetlands mitigation sites are properly functioning.  It takes hundreds to thousands of years for natural hydric soils to develop. Since wetland mitigation sites cannot be expected to develop all hydric soil indicators observed in their natural counterparts, you need experienced Soil Scientists, who are able to identify slight changes in soil properties, to quantify the changes that occur in the five years post construction.

Our Licensed Soil Scientists are experienced in identifying and delineating hydric soils based on site-specific soil criteria present at wetland mitigation project sites.  

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