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Durham, North Carolina

The City of Durham Transportation Department seeks to evaluate transit access and service issues along GoDurham bus routes, recommend transit infrastructure improvements, and draft designs and cost estimates for selected transit improvements. The Better Bus Project includes six distinct projects that will bring bus stop access, safety, and reliability improvements to the GoDurham bus system such as sidewalks, crosswalks, bus stop passenger comfort amenities, and operational improvements. Three Oaks contributed to three primary aspects of the project:

  • Transit Planning – Three Oaks provided transit planning support for the Fayetteville Street and Holloway Street Transit Emphasis Corridors. Our team developed bus stop consolidation memos and contributed to bus stop improvement recommendations, Unified Development Ordinance updates, existing condition reports, and Better Bus Program recommendations.
  • Public Engagement – Three Oaks helped draft the equitable public engagement plan, project branding and messaging, and online/printed surveys. Three Oaks also co-facilitated stakeholder and community partner meetings, which helped shape equity-focused outreach strategies, and our in-house translation staff provided in-person and written Spanish translation services.
  • Traffic Analysis and Modeling – Three Oaks developed the 2020 no-build traffic analysis, which included volume development, a Synchro model for over 20 signalized intersections, and a summary of the measures of effectiveness to support the Durham Station Transit Emphasis Zone Study.