The fish diversity of the Southeastern US is the greatest in North America and includes many protected and endemic species.

Three Oaks Engineering has extensive experience in conducting freshwater fish studies throughout the Southeastern US. We maintain a variety of fish sampling equipment including the latest electro fishing technology. We conduct fish surveys for determination of suitable habitat, presence or absence of protected species, and inventory of fish diversity and density.

The health and diversity of fish fauna is reflective of the water quality of a particular water body.

Establishing a baseline of this fauna and conducting subsequent monitoring is a useful tool in tracking and understanding water quality trends over time. We are experienced in the customized design of fish monitoring programs for anadromous species and determination of Indices of Biotic Integrity according to agency protocols.

Three Oaks Engineering has the necessary state and federal permits required for performing fish surveys throughout the mid-Atlantic and Southeastern US.

pumpkinseed fish

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